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Automatic Diaper Changer Machine,

Diapenger is delivering the first and only alternative to the traditional diaper replacement method, which automatically performs all the steps of diaper changing, washing and drying of the butt which results in significant savings in both time and water.

Automatic Butt Washer Machine

Diapenger is a machine for changing diapers and washing butt, providing a platform for supporting a baby, removing a soiled diaper, and dispensing a fresh disposable diaper automatically. Unlike the manual method, Diapenger, as a robot, automatically and carefully replaces diapers. Additionally, the butt is washed by adjustable temperature water, and then dried by warm air.

The Elderly/ Babies/ Adults

The disgusting task and bad smell while changing diapers is main concern for whole family that use diapers.
Now, with the automatic diaper changing machine, you don’t have to worry about changing the diapers of your loved ones anymore, and you can safely entrust this work to Diapenger.


Due to the advantages of the Diapenger machine, it can be used as an auxiliary tool besides the manual method performed by parents and caregivers.

There is no viable automated solution to the difficult and disgusting task of changing diapers and washing the body of babies/elderlies/disabled people, for millions of parents and caregivers alike. During the diaper replacement and washing process, various contaminants may transfer from the environment to the body and from the contaminated diaper to the environment. Also, bad smell while changing diapers is another concern for parents. Replacing the diaper and washing the body of an elderly/disabled person by the help of another person reduces their self-esteem and independence.

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Speaking Technically …

Diapenger can be used for children from 3 months to 5 years old and adults of all ages

Speed: around 2 minutes

Imagine being able to change diapers and wash the butt while drinking coffee!

Capacity: Unlimited

Diapenger works as long as you continue using.

Power: Standard 110v – 240v

Diapenger is also powered by a low voltage power supply (12 and 24 V) so as to prevent any electric shocks. Also, electric consumption is estimated to be low.

Client Testimonials

After Sept 2019, Diapenger garnered the attention of some people and families around the world. Some messages have been received indicating that parents are eager to purchase the machine.

“One of the hardest things that new parents have to do is also the most disgusting – changing diapers” and “this unique machine also has a sprinkler that washes at least part of the mini-human and dries them”

Sara Kenedy

States Perfectly Plain

“Dr. Iman Farahbakhsh won 2019’s engineering prize, which not only changes diapers but also washes infants. For everyone that has wished that changing diapers was as easy as washing dishes, the time is finally here.”

Brandon Guidelines

American Physical Society

that “I loved your invention (as a father of 4 who has changed thousands of diapers).” and “are there plans to manufacture these devices? Will we be seeing them on store shelves anytime soon?”

Kati Lee

Associated Press in Boston

“this is the best idea ever” and also suggests that “we suspect Farahbakhsh may have won a Nobel Prize,” and then says that “device that looks like an oven, into which the child is seated and secured so the human diaper-changer can perform their task unhindered. The apparatus (patent awarded) also sprays parts of the child down and then dries them.”

Sue Shei


“When is the diaper changing machine coming to a store near me? I’m thrilled even without diapers to change” and “We are short on people, who is going to change the diapers of new borns”

Greg White

audience on the internet

Frequently Asked Questions

When? Why? How?

How much will Diapenger cost?

The target price for the Diapenger is estimated at around $999. 

Will Diapenger wash butt?

Yes, in addition to change diapers, Diapenger also automatically replaces old diapers with new ones.

What age range is this device suitable for?

Diapenger can be used for children with the age range of three months to 5 years and adult all ages

How loud is Diapenger?

Diapenger should be very quiet. About the same amount of noise as your average dishwasher.

Can I distribute or sell Diapenger?

If you are interested in distributing, selling or becoming an affiliate please complete the form.

How fast will Diapenger work?

On average, a complete changing diaper and washing butt process in a Diapenger takes around two minutes.

Our Team

Iman FarahBakhsh      Ph.D. in Materials Engineering

COE & Founder

Iman is a co-founder of Diapenger who serves as the CEO of the company. Iman holds a PhD degree in Materials Engineering and Manufacturing, and possesses remarkable knowledge on design and manufacturing. Besides the invention of Diapenger, he has several industrial inventions in his resume, including the design and construction of an attrition mill that has been manufactured and sold.

Marzieh Abbasi  Pediatric Dentist

CTO & Co-founder

Marzieh is one of the key co-founders of the company who, in addition to her great negotiation, problem solving and teamwork skills, has up-to-date knowledge that plays a crucial role in the progress of the company.