Automatic Diaper Changer and Butt Washer Machine

Diapenger’s competitive advantages for the elderly/ babies/disabled people include the following:

  1. More convenient;
  2. More hygienic;
  3. Reducing the risk of heat rash;
  4. Playing music and cartoons for babies to have fun during diaper replacement;
  5. Adjustment of the water temperature to suit for them;
  6. Maintaining the self-esteem and dignity of the elderly/disabled people;
  7. Maintaining the independence of the elderly/disabled;
  8. Modifying the bathroom habits of elderly and disabled people;
  9. Having a fixed place to change baby’s diaper and reducing the risk of transmission of contamination;

Diapenger‘s competitive advantages for the parents/ caregivers include the following:

  1. Saving time & water;
  2. Reducing contamination;
  3. Elimination of bad odors;
  4. More convenient;
  5. Family Friendly (So simple, now everyone in the family can help change diapers)
  6. Automatic diaper removing and changing;
  7. Automatic disinfection and cleansing;
  8. Using the ordinary disposable diapers at different sizes;
  9. Elimination of the disgusting and annoying method of manually changing diapers;
  10. Storing more than ten contaminated diapers in the trash bin without any odors and pollution.